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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hot as balls

So today was my actual first day of classes. I know yesterday I said in You Killing Me With Videos that my classes looked chill, but that was only based on course description, professor rating, people's prior experience, and not mention how much I already knew about the subject.
Today was the legitimate first day of classes for me and here's some of the highlights:

  • First day of college and classes, and first class missed. Oh dear.
  • Hot as balls. 
  • My Phil. teacher looks like Triple H. 
  • Calc is probably indeed going to rape me, but thankfully, I'll see it coming.
  • The College needs to put out cots for students so they can take random naps. I'd make good use of those.
Also, why the hell do we say hot as balls (and what does that even mean)?


  1. My college just changed to water efficient shower heads. Not happy man.

  2. You know, the origins of common "sayings" have always perplexed me. Cold as hell, hot as balls... is just a mystery man, like the pyramids.

  3. I believe the saying refers to the male anatomy. Should that be the case, by biological standards, the temperature should be slightly below body temperature... So about 97F is "hot as balls". I suppose, since you are comparing it to human body temperature, you could go as high as 100F, and still be in the spirit of the saying. Hotter, though, and you would need to alter the saying to "hotter than balls".