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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Aye, I say. And not because I'm a pirate.

Prop 19.
Aye, says I, not because I am a pothead. Because it honestly makes no goddamn sense for it to be illegal.

  • If it were a legalized substance, imagine the regulatory power the government would now have, ultimately making the drug safer for use. 
  • Alcohol and Cigarettes are legal, and just as dangerous and unhealthy.
  • People want to use them for medicinal purposes.
  • Seriously, the War on Drugs is a joke. And a huge waste of taxpayers money. It needs to be retooled and missioned.
  • The brief period of Prohibition saw a gignormous rise in underground and gangster activity. 
  • Regardless of whether or not a substance is illegal and banned, it will have demand. Demand that ultimately will be met by shady dealings which have an overall negative impact on our society. 
  • There were 78514 arrests for marijuana possession in '08. Most of these were misdemeanors and require a fine, along with usual police work. Imagine the waste of time, resources, money on catching and processing such offenders of such a ludicrous law. Source
  • Our time would be better spend on solving the violent (and other major) crimes and felonies that our very opposition and banning of marijuana has given rise and support to. Imagine the effect on gangs when the pot cashcow is taken from their farms. 
  • We can always tax the fuck out of it. Medical marijuana is a 14 billion a year business and I'm sure Cali could use some extra cash. 
Of course, even though Cali might legalize it, the federal government still sees it as a banned substance and will still try and clusterfuck you if you have it and DEA agents come bursting through your doors. 


  1. AYE! I am no pothead, and I agree with you. Good blog! I can't wait to read more from you.

  2. I honestly think it's about time it becomes legal. It's just a plant, and a damn useful one at that (fiber, medicines, food, fuel, etc). Legalize it, tax it, regulate it, and allow for personal cultivation. Go Cali!