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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Why so Serious?

What's with all this heavy stuff, bro? My bad blog. Do read my last post. Prop 19, Ayee.
And now, with introduction or hype needed...Mr.ChiCity3.

How your fridge should look and be stacked like:

Your boy gets a raise to 7.63? Here's how you celebrate and adjust to your newfound wealth:

Menunaires out!


  1. Sweet blog
    Check mine out, I tell you how to get free stuff

  2. Well to be honest that guy must already have a good job or something so he has the money. Hacing a crapload of little goodies for the girls is fine but i think they just want his money, lol.

  3. Sweet work keeping up your awesome blog!
    Doing the daily rounds :)

  4. supportin!