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Saturday, September 11, 2010

/B/ros where's the support?

Sorry I haven't been on in a while. Been busy dawgs, with classes and tests already. College, fml.

  • So far, one test taken, one failed.
  • Philosophy course is the shizz and soo fucking quotable. I'll give em a separate post.
  • Calc might not be so bad.
  • That Wanting-to-burn Quran pastor is a little crazy looking.
  • Honestly, that whole burning the Quran is a total dick move. 
  • I also hate how 9/11 has become a political card for the damn GOP. STFU assholes. 
  • Speaking of the GOP, a second STFU because [refer to graph]
  • And hey, just throwing it out there, don't worry I'm aware that conservative isn't interchangeable with Republican, and that there are different schools of thought of republicans. Not all are the same like Newt Gindipshit
  • Speaking of Gindipshit, dude seriously you were out of politics. And preaching your wholesome image, while woman jumping is kind of hypocritical. 
  • Barack Brobama? Brosef Stalin? Broses? 
Start a flame war bloggers, and talk to me about the whole quran burning thing. Your thoughts? And even more, are you a strong party loyalist (Dem or Repub), that whole independent stuff(which is more or less bullshit, if you objectively examined your own voting record), or just a cynic who just tired?

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  1. Love this. Thanks. Follow me?